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All the participants who are taking this training gains expertise in supporting an organization in implementing and managing an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on ISO 14001:2004. Participants can also get a clear understanding of the best practices that are required for implementation.

This training fully justifies with:

ISO 14004 (Environmental management systems Some General guidelines on principles, support techniques and systems.)

ISO 10012 (Measurement management systems — Requirements for measuring equipment and managing processes.)

Some unique facts about this course!

According to few case studies conducted, around 319,234 certificates have been issued in the year 2015. The demand for this course is rapidly increasing. Approximately more than 61% students were motivated to seek new opportunities that this course offers. 18% of individuals were successful enough to keep up with their competitors. Where some were able to win new businesses the other very well maintained the existing client contracts.

What is brought to your table?

All these facts are very beneficial for students who apply for this certification course. Students can easily understand the implementation of an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of all the approaches, concepts, standards, methods and techniques that are required for an effective management of an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001. One can easily understand the relationship between the different components of EMS and can further have compliance with the requirements of different stakeholders of the organization. Individuals who are interested in this course can have the necessary in order to support an organization and manage and maintain an EMS as specified in ISO 14001. You can also get expertise in managing team implementation ISO 14001. One can also develop their knowledge and skills that are required to advise organizations on some of the best practices in the environmental management. This course is a bit technical so students who are interested in this domain should only apply for it.

Not all but yes you can step in!

Every course has a different fence boundary through which selected people should step in, so let’s see can you attend this course?

Firstly, IT professionals can go for this course. The environmental expert advisors can have in-depth knowledge on this topic and also the ISO 14001 auditors who really wish to fully understand the EMS implementation process. All the technical experts who want to prepare for an environmental function or for EMS project management function. All the project managers who want to prepare and support an organization in the implementation of an EMS. Individuals who are responsible for the Environmental conformity in an organization can also go and attend this course.

Yes! You heard it right. We do have a list to offer, apart from course structure and course outline. The most important and nervous part of any certification is the examination. It becomes easy for an individual if one knows what to focus on. The walk is a little smoother if we already have an idea before-hand of what domains the exam is going to cover:

Domain 1: Fundamental principles and concepts of Environmental Management System

Domain 2: Environmental Control Best Practice based on with ISO 14004

Domain 3: Planning an EMS based on ISO 14001

Domain 4: Implementing an EMS based on ISO 14001

Domain 5: Performance evaluation and measurement of EMS based on ISO 14001

Domain 6: Continual improvement of an EMS based on ISO 14001

Domain 7: Preparation for EMS certification audit

Are you really Eligible?

We cannot always do everything! So here are few Pre-requisites for this course which should be kept in mind. Students who are enrolling in this course must have the basic knowledge of the ISO 14001 standard, prior to the training course and students who do not have any knowledge may not be successful in this course. Students must have the knowledge of the following environmental management concepts and principles:

The concept of environmentally sustainable development.

The main purpose of an initial EMS review.

The Evaluation of services and products, activities and to build the environmental aspects that are associated with the normal operating conditions and some abnormal conditions such as shutdown, startup, and emergency.

Some Typical methods for evaluation of the significant impacts

The Environmental Legislation helps you bridge all the knowledge gap,

The pre-course self-learning documents for students to study and pass the exam.

The beginner approach and expert ending!

At the end of the training of the certification course, the student learns a lot of things and have a detailed understanding of few topics. By discussing these topics beginners can find their area of interest and then can go for it. To cover all these topics an educational approach is followed by some require technical skills while other requires the practical know-how.

ISO 14001 main clause requirements

Management system structures and principles

Audit scope, criteria, and auditor responsibilities

Auditing skills

Planning, preparation, and management of audits

Checklist development

Conducting process audits

Reporting audit findings

Interviewing skills

Auditing skills

Environmental aspects & impacts

Environmental improvement programs

Reporting audit findings

Types of audit

Verifying corrective action

Internal audit objectives

Interviewing skills

How Learnfly Certifications Stands Apart?

Learnfly Certifications are globally recognized and accepted as our course suites are designed and implemented in accordance with the industry standards. We focus on what is trending and how learners can Gain technicalities without being aware of the newest courses. We guide you through the best-suited courses as per prerequisites and of course as per your qualification background which further makes these courses advantageous for you. Learnfly commitment has always been beyond satisfaction, we intend to provide career support and make you an individual brand. Our tutorials are not time-consuming and they are validated by the experts regarding their relevance and conciseness. The course curriculum is structured with inputs of our instructors who perform extensive research before finalizing the content.

You can get the proper guidance of ISO 14001 [EMS] Lead Implementer under the supervision expert trainers.

What Learnfly Has for You?

You can obtain a never-before kind of e-learning experience complimented with fresh content which is vast and comprehensible. Learnfly is serving as a one-stop destination from where you can select courses as per your requirements. We assure that on the successful completion of your course, you will be able to deal with complexities associated with your domain. We aim at boosting your morale to identify your potentials and with your determination to achieve success, we will polish your technical know-how. Our certifications/courses are adapted looking at the emerging technologies in the industry which is required to be on tips of professionals who want to gain the expertise in their respective domains. We further assist you to learn the key tools and terminologies that are pragmatic, associative and commensurable with your discipline. We also take you through some rigorous exercises to derive your fundamentals in implementing strategic yet sound business decisions.



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