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Most of the Hr professionals have predicted that they will continue to hire people from IT industry with Cisco certifications. Does that ring a bell? Sure, it does. As per many experts from IT, industry Cisco certifications are in Huge Demand, in short, 2018 onwards many new opportunities will be available for Cisco certified professionals.

Anyone who is part of the IT industry knows that in-demand jobs and skills change rapidly and this time it is the Cisco certifications that are in demand.

People with Cybersecurity expertise are going to be hot commodities and People with expertise in network administration are also predicted to be in huge demand next year, and Cisco certifications are a key for both.

The new certifications rolled out by Cisco for networking professionals is to enhance their digital networking skills.

As per the latest trend, the current workforce is changing around the globe and there is a huge need to evolve and handle a more software-centric, automated digital systems.

Cisco certifications offer crucial network programmability skills and offer network engineers a comprehensive curriculum to develop and validate automation and programming skills.

Cisco certifications increase the evolving role of network engineers towards more programmability & automation.

As per Cisco press release- they are currently involved in Programming for Network Engineers (PRNE), a new self-paced training designed by Cisco to value network engineers. especially those who are looking to use network programming to simplify or automate tasks. The PRNE is now a recommended pre-requisite for the Cisco NPDESI Certification, as it covers fundamentals of Python programming.

Several governments and Private enterprises are now migrating towards controller-based architectures, that means there will be an increase in demand for Cisco certified Professionals. There are several other reasons that will impact job growth in Networking. So, if you lack behind, then you might have to pass certain certifications to enter into this industry or even to get a decent job.

In case you are interested in making forward advancement in Networking, then Cisco Certifications — CCNA and CCNP — are one of the best and highly reputed entry-level networking certifications that are well-respected in the It industry.

Cisco Certifications train a person to maximize his/ her foundational networking knowledge to implement, maintain and plan a wide range of high-end network solutions.

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Robin Becker is senior content editor at Learnfly. She frequently writes aritcles and blogs on latest technology topics and Information technology topics at Learnfly.

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