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Computer Science is a demanded field with the advancement of technology, and with the digitalisation of the world, skilled workers equipped with competency are needed. High-paying job profiles as well as the space to be creative and innovative added reasons why computer science has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the rise of online learning and coding boot camps, computer science education is more accessible than ever before, allowing people from diverse backgrounds to learn and develop these valuable skills.

Project is independent research conducted individually or with a group of people, carried out based on skills, expertise, research and personal experiences. Before taking on a project, you need to choose the field of the domain, for conducting projects. Some of the commonly selected projects include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science

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Here are the top 10 final year project topics for computer engineering:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot: Simulating human interactions and conversations, you can develop a chatbot using AI and natural language processing techniques.
  2. Hangman game: where a player has a limited number of guesses available to correctly think of the word of the other player and suggest letters. You have to separate classes to define a listener, that will respond to the occurring events when the user clicks the button with texts of different letters. The constructor develops a main panel, and every time a new application begins, this method has to be called.
  3. Develop an IoT sensor network that accurately gathers data from different sources and is data sensitive and presents data in a meaningful manner.
  4. A library management system that maintains the database of all the books in the library, along with the issuing date, and automates the database of a library. Create a user module and an admin module, using languages like MySQL, Net Beans IDE, and Java and this can be used to store all information from a new registration to issue and return data.
  5. Cybersecurity System that will protect the system from potential threats like phishing, malware and hacking.
  6. Web Crawling with beautiful soup, which extracts raw data from the web after scanning a collection of web pages. Beautiful soup is a python library that parses HTML and XML documents for web scraping, and specific data can be extracted from a website or group of websites. Run and refine the code so that correct information is extracted by the web scraper on the targetted website.
  7. Another idea for a computer science project is to build a cloud-based application deployment, and develop a system that can manage applications on cloud infrastructure.
  8. Sentiment Analysis of a social media platform, by using machine learning and natural language processing, that focuses on a myriad of emotions like happiness and sadness, as well as analyse the general sentiment of the public towards an event like the public’s perception towards a trending topic like a cricket match.
  9. Open CV face detection various image and video processing tasks, that detect human faces in a video or an image. This creative final year project computer science can be built using Python and OpenCV, using the detectMultiScale () method, which searches the image for regions that contain faces and returns the location and size of each detected face as a rectangle.
  10. Placement Cell, as a Btech final year project for CSE, you can develop a model that can help in the on-campus placement drive, using HTML, CSS, and PHP for the front-end and MySQL at the backend, and will also provide information on the applicants registered for placements.
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