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According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology occupations is expected to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029, a faster pace than the average for all occupations. As the interdisciplinary subjects and the use of technology by industries increase, the knowledge of programming language is becoming imperative, since this versatile skill is used in a wide variety of fields.

From creating software applications, operating systems, building predictive models, analysing security logs, developing a mobile application, creating games for various platforms, and developing and controlling robots and automated systems, the programming language is used for all these applications. While the programming languages in demand vary from industry and location, and the requisition may change over time, the requirement for knowing the right language is important, and below, you’ll learn about the top 10 programming languages with the largest developer community in 2023.

  1. Python

Indubitably, Python is one of the most popular languages, among coders, as well as for the beginners, for its comprehensible syntax. There is a large and active community of developers, which means that that is a vast availability of resources for beginners. There is a collection of codes in the repositories of Python, which are reused to perform tasks. Popular libraries such as TensorFlow and Scikit-learn are examples of a large collection of libraries. Python was used in the development of social media applications like Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Dropbox, Spotify and Google search. The time required to test code is also reduced, and this technology can also be used to develop 2D imaging and 3D animation packages like Inkscape, Blender and Autodesk.
The average salary of Python developers is $121,988


  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is used as a client-side programming language and is termed the ‘king of the front end’, as it is used to create the user interface of web applications. This is the most widely used programming language on the web, and it is estimated that more than 95% of websites use JavaScript. This is the most popular language on GitHub, with over 1.5 million repositories created in Java as of 2021. JavaScript can be used for game development, Internet of Things (IoT) development, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the development of web browsers. JavaScript is also used to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), which are similar to traditional desktop applications.
The average salary of Java developers is $106,551

  1. C/C++

C is one of the oldest programming languages, from which other languages like JavaScript, C#, Java and C++ are derived, and C++ is an extended version of C. Widely used to develop various applications, like client/server applications, Firefox, and Adobe. This language has been used for decades, and its application is utilised to control hardware and access memory for system programming directly.
The average salary of C++ developers is $106,028

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  1. Go

Developed by Google in 2007, this language, also known as Golang, has been used to create web applications, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This was developed for large-scale networked systems and concurrent programming. The syntax is similar to C and C+, though GO doesn’t have a complete syntax. Due to its agility, and efficient performance, it is well-suited for building high-performance network services, web servers or machine learning packages.
The average salary of GO developers starts from $141,654 and can go up to $261,000.

  1. Kotlin

This programming language is part of the JVM family and is easy to read and maintain. The intelligent compiler of this technology runs on a variety of systems. Kotlin was developed by JetBrains and this statically typed programming language is fully interoperable with Java. Kotlin is extensively used in mobile applications and server-side application development. The type system of Kotlin can prevent common programming errors. It also includes features such as lambdas, type interference and coroutines, making it more powerful than Java. It is interesting to note that Google apps are based on Kotlin, so this programming language is the most adequate choice if interested in learning Android app development.
Kotlin developers can earn from $136,000 up to $171,500.

  1. TypeScript

A superscript of JavaScript, this type system is easy for Java developers to learn. The type system of TypeScript helps in catching errors during development time, prevent type-related errors, rather than in running time, thereby, increasing code reliability. Type annotations make code self documenting rather than requiring a separate documentation. Developed by Microsoft, TypeScirpt is well-suited for large code bases, as it provides better support for code editors.
The developers of TypeScript earn an annual average around $124,804.

  1. MATLAB:

Widely used in scientific and engineering communities for data modeling and analysis, MATLAB is a high level programming language, with a high-graphical user interface. MATLAB can be integrated with other programming languages as well, it is considered an easier language to learn than other programming languages. A proprietary language owned by MathWorks, this language has a wide array of application in industries like aerospace, finance, automotive and medical.
MATLAB developers earn an average salary of $100,760 each year.

  1. Ruby:

Developed in the 1990s, Ruby has a more concise human-friendly syntax, making it easier for coders to write effective codes quickly. Ruby has an object-oriented framework, which supports the procedural and functional notation. Ruby provides comprehensive set of tools for building web applications, and with the ever growing continuous support of the community, Ruby has become popular among beginning developers.
The average salary of Ruby developers starts from $71,349 and can go up to $91,707.

  1. SQL:

SQL is the standard language used for managing and analysing relational database. This language can be integrated with other languages and programming tools, making it versatile for full-stack development. SQL specifies the required result, enabling the users to manipulate query data in databases. Though slow to use, when working with large databases, SQL’s applications is used in industries like finance, healthcare, data warehouses and e-commerce.
SQL developers can make a median salary of $98,860 each year.

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  1. Rust:

A safe and practical language to learn, Rust’s system runs very efficiently and fast, prevents segmentation fault, making it adequate for low-level tasks, such as operating systems and developing games. Often compared with C++, it uses minimal memory, making it appropriate for embedded systems, and using for performance-crtiical applications. In the recent years, the demand has increased, as is the use increased in companies like Mozilla, Amazon and Dropbox.
The developers of Rust earn an annual average around $165,000.

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