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The market presents many platforms for teaching online courses. These platforms are swift and very impactful both for educating people and making money, as these are not bound by time and place. Anyone with expertise in a subject can create online courses easily. But the biggest challenge in teaching online courses is to obtain the engagement of the students, which is not easy at all.

Here, in this blog, the experts from Learnfly will discuss the important parameters to create more interactive and attractive videos of online courses.

How can Learnfly help you in making more appealing and engaging videos?

1.Connect with the target audience with a personal touch:

The foremost way to engage the students is to start the videos in an interactive manner clubbed with a friendly body language because it makes easy for them to establish a connection with you as an instructor. Once the connection is set, they will understand your lecture without any struggle, which is your only goal of creating the online course. Isn’t it?

2. Educate the students with friendly approach:

As you would agree that students learn a topic well in a relaxed environment, your approach to start the videos of online courses with a simple smile or adorable laugh helps you in loosening up a bit, which will assist you in delivering a better lecture in an interesting way. When they understand the core of the subject, then they will stick to your online course until the end.

3. Pour the spice of funny stories in between your lectures:

You should strive to enact some funny stories or jokes in multiple modulations to keep the students focused throughout the lecture. This will refresh the mood of the students that will help them in retaining their interest in your course.

4. Use strategic gestures and body movements to illustrate your points:

You should not be too stiff while recording your videos, as it can tense up the environment and students can also lose the interest easily. In order to avoid this situation, you should use some gestures without becoming monotonous. For instance, you should move your hands and keep your face expressive so that you can convey and reinforce your points to your students in an engaging manner. For this, you are just required to focus on the quality of recordings.

5. Design your online course in distinct units rather than in a long list of cumulative lessons:

Before creating the videos of online courses, you should keep the behavior of your online students in mind. They are not like traditional students who go to educational institutions to attend a lecture. They enroll in online courses, because of lack of time and conventional sources. Therefore, you should make online courses profitable to them by designing lessons in smaller modules rather than deliver the matter in a vast quantity all at once. The team of Learnfly, a trustworthy LMS platform will provide you great guidance in managing every topic in engaging sections.

6. Use graphics, b-roll and other tools to showcase the idea of your online course:

You can make the video of your online course more effective and professional by using cutaways, graphics, and images. You can use these tools and create custom graphics for your online courses even by hiring a certified graphic designer. It will help you in creating eye-gazing videos.

7. Always strive to shrink the length of the videos of your online courses :

You should not stretch the span of your online course for long as lengthy videos can sometimes become boring and hectic for the students. Consequently, you should always try to deliver your lecture in a succinct way and keep the length of your video short. In addition to this, you should strive to speak slowly and articulate each and every facet of your online course carefully.

8. You should give a proper demonstration of your subject in your online course:

According to research, demonstration of subjects in the online courses has more impact on the students than lecturing the materials. You should show them what you are teaching them through creative ideas, as it can attract more attention of students to your online course.

9. Exercise is also good for creating online courses:

Before recording the videos of your online courses, it is advisable for you to do some exercise or you should go for a walk. These activities will help you in appearing more positive and energetic on camera.

So, ready to design a course? Visit to learn more and sign up as an instructor now!



Robin Becker is senior content editor at Learnfly. She frequently writes aritcles and blogs on latest technology topics and Information technology topics at Learnfly.

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