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Content marketing trends

Content marketing has been on top three for past few years as it has been a crucial element of digital marketing strategies. Most business use a strategic approach so this is a trend we can continue to expect in 2017. There will be more focus on Measuring Content Marketing ROI as the cost and competition with content marketing increases. Today one can see more and more examples of interactive marketing apps.

Big Data

Big Data marketing applications include customer and market insights and predictive analytics. The 3Vs of Big Data shows why this trend is selected by many who have experienced increase in real-time data, volume and data formats in their business work. One can increase sales through personalization on websites and through e-mail marketing through predictive analytics. Big Data is mined to identify propensity and further to convert given different customer characteristics and behavior.

Marketing Automation (including CRM, behavioral email marketing and web personalization)

Marketing Automation has also been on top for past few years. Business can improve their automation in different ways. The most common questions at the end are usually ‘where do we start’ and ‘how do we get to the next level’. These questions are answered in the Email marketing and marketing automation toolkit which includes a free interactive capability review to score your use of email marketing automation.

Social media marketing including Social CRM and Social Customer Care

Because of its reach and engage with audiences, marketers have a huge interest in social media. On some social networking sites there is huge growth while on the usage is decreasing. For example, Twitter and Facebook are in decline or plateauing in many western markets while Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are still growing in usage.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) / improving website experiences

This technique is higher in popularity as compare to the previous years, but still in wonder whether many businesses are missing out on a more data-driven approach to increase leads and sales from their websites. It also shows how competitors may be getting ahead if they are testing more extensively.

Internet of Things (IoT) marketing applications

It is the most important marketing technology application for past 2-3 years, as it is most relevant to device makers and retailers so it is high -up in the ranking of priorities.

There are expected to be 75 billion connected devices by 2020. The implications are huge and far ranging. All this sharing of data will transform the way we live our lives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO or organic search)

This mobile marketing SEO technique will be particularly very important in 2017 with Google’s recent announcements about the mobile index and AMP. Since 2016 we have huge increase in AMP smartphone traffic. AMPs target at publishers and is considered by businesses along with an active blog.

Online PR (including influencer outreach)

Online PR is inextricably linked with content marketing, social media and SEO. This is an important trend but do not get very high rating.

Paid search marketing

Google AdWords is most important form of Pay Per Click and here Google has been pursuing their ‘Mobile-first’ strategy by building out these features.

So, these are some of the Digital Marketing Trends.



Robin Becker is senior content editor at Learnfly. She frequently writes aritcles and blogs on latest technology topics and Information technology topics at Learnfly.

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