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According to a survey, PMP accreditation is one of the most in-demand project management certifications in the world. Almost every employer requires project managers preferably with PMP certification in their companies. And why not? A project manager is a person who helps his organization in enhancing the productivity of the company and maximize the returns on every project.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss certain important facets of the project management certification that why and how you can apply for it.

PMP certification training is worth to choose. Why?

1.Enjoy global recognition to the fullest:

Do you think why you should opt for project management certification? Well, this is a globally recognized certification which facilitates you to work in any region of the world. In addition to it, it will give you freedom to work as a project manager in many types of industry and with the newfangled methodology. Moreover, it indicates that you are now eligible to speak and recognize the global language of project management at any level. In the current scenario, there are more than seven lakh PMP certified project managing professionals working across the world. Do you know about it? May be not. Now you have an idea that how this certification can change the growth of your career in a positive direction.

If you are in the same field and want to progress in this profession, then it will be advantageous for you to register in the best PMP certification training so that you can also showcase your skills and expertise at a global platform.

2.This is how the best PMP certification training will fetch you a handsome salary package:

According to the 9th Edition of Project Management Salary Survey on an average salary of project managers, the PMP certification holders usually earn 20% more than their non-certified contemporaries across the world. Do you know that in the USA only, PMP certified professionals earn a median salary of more than 1 lakh dollars per year? Isn’t overwhelming? What you all need? Only a certification in PMP. Once you get certified in PMP from the best project management training institute, you will become eligible to enjoy a steep hike in your salary.

3.An opportunity to expand your market reach at international platform:

There are several online communities and PMP forums that fascinate the project management professionals from across the world. In this association, experts share their pool of experience, valuable knowledge and insights with their peers which help them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in their industry. If you also want to enjoy the same exposure in this field, then it is essential for you to get yourself enrolled in PMP training first from the top PMP training institute in India.

4.Enhances your leadership qualities:

In PMP certification training, instructors also work on polishing your leadership qualities so that you can become prepared to confront any challenges in a decisive manner. Also, under PMP training program, they will refine your dedication and vision as a project manager towards project management. In other words, PMP accreditation helps you in identifying your leadership qualities, which you can apply to handle any task with your team.

5.PMP certification boosts your project performance:

Not every project manager is certified in PMP. Generally, project managers with PMP accreditation perform better than their non-certified peers because the standards set for the PMP exam are very tough in comparison to any other project management courses. For completing this certification, the project managers have to go under various project management processes, such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing that require in-depth knowledge and understanding of key areas of project management. Accordingly, you should get enrolled in the best PMP certification training, which can deliver you all the important aspects in an engaging manner.

Once you complete this certification from the top PMP institute in India, you will feel the improvement in your performance inevitably.

6.Makes you stand out among your non-credentialed peers:

According to research, organizations prefer PMP credentialed candidates rather than their non-certified peers because PMP certification is a tough level which demonstrates expertise of the project managers in the project management. Consequently, resumes with PMP certification score more numbers during the process of profile evaluation.

7.PMP certification holders enjoy great exposure in most of the industries:

PMP certification from the best project management institute offers an ideal platform for all credentialed project managers in several professional fields, such as business processing, IT, telecom, finance, commerce, and research. Isn’t amazing?

8.Not any economic downturns can affect PMP certified professionals:

A few years ago, the economy has faced a plenty of uncertainties. In that phase, no one was immune from the tsunami of recession except PMP credential holders. Why? Because this course provided them core competencies that made them precious and valuable even in that period too.

As you can now see that how PMP certification can prove to be a turning point in your career. Moreover, no ups and downs in the economy can snatch the reliability of PMP accredited project managers. There are a few good project management institutes, which proffer PMP certification. And Learnfly is one of them. Here, you will get an opportunity to connect with the best PMP instructors who will help you in clearing this rigorous exam in just the first attempt.

You can connect with the instructors from Learnfly academy at anytime you want. They will impart the best training in PMP certification which will further help you in enhancing your career growth. So, are you ready to get enrolled in this program now? Sign up at to upgrade your PMP skills now!



Robin Becker is senior content editor at Learnfly. She frequently writes aritcles and blogs on latest technology topics and Information technology topics at Learnfly.

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