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Top 10 Careers in Commerce you can explore:

Commerce educates students with expertise in commerce, management, economics, finance and the field of taxation opening a vast pool of interesting career options. Commerce consolidates the foundation of running business and investment decisions and developing a range of marketable skills. The myth that choosing any other stream than Science will not yield good career choices is refuted, and here in this article, we list the top 10 exciting commerce jobs list and salary, you are encouraged to explore, which offer competitive salaries, and strong job security, along with the added advantage of specialisation in the subject.

How to carry out Financial Analysis as a Banker

Last Updated: 2022-07-27
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Take this course to carry out Financial Analysis comprising Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow & Fund Flow Analysis as a Banker

  1. Investment Banker:

A financial professional who helps clients to raise capital by issuing and selling stocks and securities, an investment banker advises clients on the issues of initial public offerings (IPO), equity financing options and investment. They predict financial outcomes based on financial models and statistical analysis. They manage relationships with clients, the underwriting process of securities offerings, pricing and distribution of securities, as well as take interest in venture capital for firms they see huge potential. This is one of the high salary jobs in commerce stream.
On average, an investment banker earns around $100k-$125k.

  1. Chartered Accountant:

If you’re comfortable with analysis, reasoning skills and playing with numbers, this is a very interesting field. CAs are financial professionals providing financial advice to individuals and organisations, providing consulting services, advising clients on compliance with tax regulations and laws, and assisting with financial reporting and compliance with regulatory requirements.
The median salary of a chartered accountant is between $92k-$117k.

  1. Financial Analyst:

They are responsible to provide information regarding investment opportunities and financial management strategies. They collect and analyse financial and economic data for the identification and forecasting of trends. Financial analysts monitor market conditions and adjust and recommend strategies according to the changing financial landscape.
The median salary of a financial analyst is $92k.

  1. Data Analyst:

They perform statistical analysis based on large datasets to provide insights and make decisions pertaining to the organisation. Since data helps to make decisions, they are responsible to collect and verify the accuracy of data, and they do so by creating visualisations and dashboards to communicate data insights and trends to stakeholders.
The median salary of a financial analyst is $82k.

  1. Economist:

An economist predicts the working of markets, production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. They gather data to make economic forecasts, studying consumer behaviour, inflation and recession of the economy and the reasons contributing to same. An economist also functions as an advisor to the government organisation on economic, monetary, fiscal and trade policies.
On average, an economist earns around $120k-$125k.

  1. Consultant:

Management consultants’ job includes solving problems and boosting growth. The executives of the company are responsible to curate strategic growth direction and chart the success of the organisation. CEOs are the highest-level executives in the company, responsible for making major decisions that impact the overall structuring and operations of a company, acting as the point of contact between the board of directors, and the executives below them.
The average salary for executives in India is between $600k-$1,046,244.

  1. Actuary:

They specialise in using mathematical and statistical analysis to assess financial risk and design policies pertaining to insurance policies, pension policies and calculate the probability of events and calculate the budget of the firm.
Actuaries earn an average of around $118k.

  1. Company Secretary:

They advise the board to facilitate legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, and file company tax returns and this option is open to students from every stream.
The median salary of a company secretary is around $182k-$282k.

  1. Sales Manager:

They are responsible for pitching in marketing strategising content, rebranding the products of the brand, ideating campaigns and advertisements, and increasing the reach of the brand to the mass. They are an integral part of the business, bringing business strategies, meeting consumer needs and maximising profits.
On average, a marketing and sales professional can easily earn around $100k-$130k.

  1. Business Analyst:

A business analyst’s work is to process, and analyse the systems and models of operation in the organisation, and help in chartering the growth of the firm. This is a highly rewarding career in India and graduates and postgraduates can apply for this role.
The salary is around $84k.


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