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The Big Data Certification offers life-changing career opportunities for each of the individual. One should only go for this certification when their career goal is inherited towards big data. 2017 is a great year to magnify your skills in this this direction, just by obtaining best big data certifications.


In today’s tech world with big data tools where everything is constantly changing the demand for people with big data job roles is also rising. Project managers and hiring managers of different companies often hire such individuals. Getting big data certification in specific big data field can help the students to increase their chance of getting hired by good companies.


For every individual it is necessary to fill the gap between the industry practices and big data programs. Most of the certification come from the industry with a bent to establish equilibrium between the supply and demand for skilled big data professionals.


If you are a graduate in big data, then you will seek for the benefits for taking up big data certification. By this certification the project managers that hire you can know that your big data skills are up-to-date and at par with the industry standards. For professionals who are already working in a good company and waiting for their promotion, then big data certification add value to it, as a proof of your ability and interest to learn new and different things.


For students who have just started with their course and wants to stay at the top of the game then big data certification help them distinguish their skills from their peers. It can keep your skills marketable and of course one can get motivated after completing this certification course and master in this field. You yourself can declare yourself expert in Big Data.


Most popular Big Data job roles include:

Hadoop Developer

Data Analyst

Hadoop Administrator

Data Scientist

Data Architect

Spark Developer


So, make sure you choose your big data certification wisely on the job role you want to fill in.


Working with the pace of technology can either make or break your career. Less certification can pull you down in your life and will not help you to grow in your business. This is particularly true right now for anyone whose job involves working with applications related to big data, business intelligence, and business analysis. This certification measures your skills to prove the industry employers that they have the right mindset which is enough to keep them forward in their career.


From few case studies we have seen an immense growth in number of certification for big data, which further helps to recognize skills needed to work with enormous data sets. They audience profile of this field is of IT professionals with basic knowledge in analytics, business intelligence, data mining and data management along with a little interest in mathematics and statistics.


Students and professionals both with basic knowledge and interest in this field can surely go for Big Data Certification and open new doors for themselves.



Robin Becker is senior content editor at Learnfly. She frequently writes aritcles and blogs on latest technology topics and Information technology topics at Learnfly.

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