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Finance & Accounting

What is Financial Risk?

Financial risk refers to the potential for financial loss that a business or individual may experience due to unfavourable fluctuations in financial markets, interest rates,
Finance & Accounting

Top 10 Careers in Commerce you can explore:

Top 10 Careers in Commerce you can explore: Commerce educates students with expertise in commerce, management, economics, finance and the field of taxation opening a
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Free Online Excel Course With Certification

One of the most used tools by businesses is Excel, which facilitates more effective data organization and analysis for businesses. If you've read about data
Finance & Accounting

What are the Top Finance Certifications?

If you’re considering a career as a financial analyst, or are already working as one, having a professional finance certification can significantly increase your earning
Finance & Accounting

How Much Cash is Necessary in a COVID World?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many things within our society. Not the least of which is how we operate our businesses. In this light,
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The Top 10 Financial Certifications

When you are looking around for a financial adviser to hire, you’re likely to encounter an assortment of initials after each financial professional’s name. CFA,
Finance & Accounting

4 Financial Analysis used in Business Financial Management

Financial Analysis enables an organisation – regardless of its size or industry – to predict future outcomes against their current goals and strategies. Financial insights
Finance & Accounting

What is Financial Risk Management?

Financial Risk Management is the process of identifying risks, analysing them and making investment decisions based on either accepting, or mitigating them. These can be