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Hotel management is a challenging but rewarding field that involves overseeing and managing the operations of a hotel. Pursuing a degree or diploma in hotel

Who is a CMA- Certified Management Accountant?

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) offers the Certified Management Accountant (CMA), a professional certification in the discipline of management accounting (IMA). An internationally recognised
Academics Art & Design

Is investing an Art or Science?

Categorization and classification are deemed integral activities by humans to organize complex ideas and objects for simplification and to get better clarity of the world

Impacts of using Social Media: Advantages and Disadvantages

Social media platforms allow people to connect with each other easily and instantaneously, regardless of their location. This makes it easier for people to maintain

Why should you study Business Law?

By understanding business law, you can ensure that your business is operating within the legal framework and complying with the applicable laws and regulations. This

What is Social Psychology and why should you study it?

Social psychology is the scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are influenced by the presence of others. It focuses on understanding how

Why studying Humanities is important?

The humanities encompass a wide range of disciplines, including history, literature, philosophy, religion, art, and languages. Despite the many benefits of studying the humanities, some
Data Science

What is Data Journalism

Data journalism is the practice of using data to inform and enhance the process of journalism. It is a relatively new field, but one that

How to do Data Visualisation using MatPlotLib & Seaborn?

Analysing a data set and deriving insights from the data point has two problems, firstly it is not easy to analyse the data set, as

Logistics Role in Supply Chain Management

World face a 47% deficit in the supply of good supply chain managers. With the booming E-Commerce domain in the world, the availability of supply