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For the past few years, the menaces of being attacked online in the organizations have been increasing. These cyber outbreaks may include phishing and stealing of useful data by the hackers through unauthorized access of private information of an organization for the sake of obtaining personal gain. Once they procure the desired piece of information after hacking, they misuse it which can spoil the dignity and image of a concerned company.

In order to secure their data, both large-scale and small-scale companies hire trained and certified ethical hackers in their workplace. In Europe alone, due to the flourishing kingdom of hackers in the online world, there is a requirement for more than 3,00,000 cybersecurity professionals in large quantity in the job market. Consequently, from the perspective of career, it will be beneficial for you to pursue ethical hacking training from a reputed ethical hacking institute in India.

To beat the hacker, it is important to understand the mindset of the hacker

You can only think like a hacker when you know how to practice the techniques of hacking in a skillful manner. You are just required to have basic knowledge of coding and networking before getting registered at the best ethical hacking institute in India so that you can comprehend the principles and theories of hacking in the ethical hacking training program.

Recognize the 5 phases of hacking in the best ethical hacking course

This is how a hacker occupies the unauthorized access by following steps:



3.Gaining Access

4.Maintaining Access

5.Clearing Tracks

Let’s discuss these hacks in detail

1. Reconnaissance is the first step where hackers always strive to steal the preliminary information about their targets, which is also called footprinting and information gathering. This phase comprises identifying the target by finding out his IP Address, DNS records, and Network, which can be perpetrated through active and passive processes. The techniques include in this phase are as follows:

Internet Sources

Dumpster Diving

Social Engineering


2. Scanning consists the usage of tools and applications, namely, vulnerability and port scanners, dialers, network mappers, and sweepers to scan the data illegally. In this second phase, hackers will scan the perimeter and internal network with the guidance of a piece of information gathered in the first step, which helps the hackers to extract all the vulnerabilities via port status, open ports, OS and firewall detection to hijack the system and network.

3. Gaining Access is the next step after scanning of data. In this phase, an attacker attempts to access the weaknesses of your system and network with the help of various tools and methods, such as breaching the system and network security, misusing a username and password, and sending the illegitimate elements, namely, malware and Trojans. By applying these methods, hackers would cross the threshold of your house through the open window.

4. In this phase of Maintaining Access, the attacker always tries to maintain that access to private data for further exploitation and invasions. Once a hacker owns the system completely, he can use it for prompting more attacks in the future without your knowledge by using malicious files, such as Rootkits and Trojans.

5. Clearing Tracks is the last step where the attacker would cover their identity through modifying the MAC address, running a machine prone to vulnerabilities via a VPN, removing logging, installing the Rootkits, and exfiltrating the data so that no one can catch him.

Now, you are aware of all the phases that a hacker can follow to gain the unauthorized access of your system and network.

Learn the tactics to defeat the hackers by following their schemes in the best ethical hacking course

There will be nothing wrong to quote a certified ethical hacker as an antidote, as he protects your personal data and information (available online) from the invasions of illegitimate elements. Do you know that in the ethical hacking training, you can easily learn all the tactics and strategies followed by a hacker from a well-trained instructor? It will help you in understanding the psyche of a black hat hacker who can damage the security system of your online privacy.

At Learnfly Academy, you can procure the ethical hacking training from the various modes of training of your choice, i.e.,

Live virtual classrooms,

Self-paced training,

On-demand and on-site classes, and

Corporate training solutions.

It is considered the best ethical hacking institute in India where the trainer will impart the training in an engaging environment so that you can understand each and every concept of ethical hacking easily. Furthermore, you will gain an opportunity to confront the practical experience which will help you in applying these notions in your current organization without any trouble.

Thus, to comprehend the norms and nuances of ethical hacking in deep from experienced faculty sign up at Learnfly Academy now and join Learnfly Academy!



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