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AWS is a very powerful tool in the industry nowadays that is used in almost all the enterprises. We all are aware that with power comes responsibility – the responsibility of resolving as many ills as it can, including scale, agility, cost reductions of an enterprise. Responsible usage of any tool also plays a major role as indiscriminate usage of services and tools leads the cost to become an issue. Also, with increased usage comes increased costing. So, it is very important to customize all these figures in a good ratio and let it not hinder the services that are used indiscriminately and without oversight.

Scale and cost are often placed at the two contradictory positions. For instance, if you are using 1,000 servers to deal with a short-term load on your systems, then it is definitely going to cost you big. If you are not incorporating processes to spin down the servers during low-usage periods, then obviously the on-demand access of the power of a thousand servers will surely result in a huge bill.

AWS is an application platform that offers a secured environment for you to pay only for the services that you are using. Being an AWS user, you can experience top-most practices along with flexibility you are needed in security control.

This platform provides infrastructure and configuration information for deploying the Amazon EC2 Right Sizing solution. This is an automated reference deployment that analyzes the data and provide right-sizing recommendations. This further reduces the unnecessary cost to run the workflow smoothly.

Save money via AWS new paradigm

AWS has come up with an updated document titled the Well-Architected Framework which comprises a compendium of best practices compiled from thousands of customer interactions. However, the motive of this blog is to enlighten you with tips and tricks for cost savings, but we suggest you spare a couple of minutes and skim this framework because it would be surely worth your time.

Note: This exam is different from other ones because one needs to possess knowledge on agile values, principles and master your skills with PMI-ACP Certification.

Let’s discuss about the pillars of AWS cost optimization


Save when you reserve

Use the spot market

Monitor, track, and analyze your services usage

Analyze your costs and usage with Cost Explorer

Cost Optimization Whitepapers

Turning stuff off

Using the right tools in the right way

Building, maintaining, and executing realistic plans

Easy tools and techniques you should keep in mind:

Below is the small list for practices which can be beneficial for you:

A well-structured cloud management team can help you sponsor the best practices that accelerates the AWS cost optimization.

In case of high-end analysis, you can use Cost Explorer, which is free tool and can help you view graphs of your AWS spend data. It possesses forecasting capabilities and preconfigured views.

Plan your budget accordingly, depending upon your service you want to track and further exceed your budget amount. You can easily set up the notifications if you feel your budget amount is exceeding in anyway.

You can also visit the AWS trusted advisor regularly. They basically work as customized cloud expert that analyses your AWS environment and further provides you with best practice recommendations helping you save money and closing gaps.

Building, maintaining, and executing realistic plans

Never forget to calculate all your savings!

AWS Monthly Calculator
Whether you are running a single service or dozen you can easily estimate your monthly billings using the AWS Monthly Calculator. It primarily helps to calculate multiple prices and appraise complete solutions.

TCO Calculator
This enables you to evaluate the savings from AWS and further make comparisons on premises and co-location environments. It offers the most effective AWS offerings. It runs a solution, power and cooling. It also provides end-to-end comparisons to balance out your costs.



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