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The amazing growth for Online education is on the rise and it has already started to replace many traditional education institutions. Being preferred by both corporate employees, job seeker as well students. More people are enrolling in online Certifications and degrees. Many universities and companies have also started providing online education.

With extremely effective technology and communication channels, online education is a preferred medium. Those who are hungry for knowledge are seizing the opportunity to learn.

Thanks to online education the barrier between students and the universities has been eradicated and now no student will be starved of the opportunity to learn.

Above all the barrier of financial boundaries, and time restrictions no longer exists now, as a person can study revise at your own pace, and in your own time.

By using the internet as medium along with video conferencing students can connect with their course faculty from anywhere in the world

As per the latest market report, there is a year on year in the number of the students opting for online education. The same report also revealed that the global online education market will reach $120+ billion in 2017- 2018. This suggests that high school students, graduates, working professionals, and even retired individuals will opt for online courses.

Here are few more reasons to choose online education:

Wide variety

Due to Online education, students get a wide variety of options to choose from which is not available in their nearby schools, Colleges, and other educational institutions. Students can select whatever course they wish to study.

The Flexibility

Online education offers great flexibility to students. They can access their course lectures 24/7. Online education also kills the need for visiting college library and this saves a huge amount of time.


Online learning is a cost-effective option, If you compare traditional schools Colleges and other educational institutions, you will find a huge difference in the cost. Apart from learning costs, the costs of transport, Travel, Hostels and other costs are saved. Not only this many colleges and universities have started to accept credits earned through online courses.

Networking opportunities

Online education offers amazing opportunities to network with peers from all over the world. Students can easily interact with their instructors, top-notch guest lecturers, subject matter experts and experienced professionals and fellow students in private forums

Career progression:

Now there is no need to leave your current job to study further. Now you can take online classes, earn degrees, certifications and add value to your resume without leaving your current job.

In conclusion, online education has a huge role to play, Only online education can eradicate barrier financial, practical and time barrier and can improve global literacy

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Robin Becker is senior content editor at Learnfly. She frequently writes aritcles and blogs on latest technology topics and Information technology topics at Learnfly.

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