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According to research, the market of eLearning is expecting to surpass $240 billion by 2023 with 5% growth per year. Also, it is considered as one of the most profitable businesses in the online industry because nowadays, people, whether young or old are enrolling in online courses to educate themselves so that they can fill the gaps of knowledge and get certified. If you think that you are skilled in any subject that can benefit people in making progress in their career, then you should give a shot to teaching at an online platform. For this, you are required to creating, uploading, and publishing the best videos of your course(s). And Learnfly is one of the topmost marketplaces of teaching online courses that offer you a great platform (learning management system) to create, upload, and sell your courses online without any struggle.

Let us discuss how you can cash your expertise via teaching online.

Prominent steps to creating, promoting, and profiting from the online courses via Learnfly

1.Think what you are good at:

Before creating any online course, you should give a thought to find out which subject you are proficient in that can help people in their businesses and lives. Therefore, it is important for you to identify your aptitude because without it you cannot deliver your knowledge or learning material to online students in the best manner that they deserve. Henceforth, your first step should be to discover your key areas of expertise before starting your online course. Once you identify your talent, the team of Learnfly will help you in the best possible way to reach the position what you always desire for.

2. Are you ready to start your online course?

Creating an online course is not like posting anything on Facebook or Instagram. It requires loads of hard work from your end because without strong willpower, you cannot walk for a long period in the industry of eLearning. Of course, it will take your valuable time in the recording, creating, uploading, and publishing your online courses, but at the end, your efforts and dedication will pay off in terms of incredible income and rewards. In addition to this, the presence of several online course marketplaces, such as Learnfly will guide you in creating and promoting your online courses on its LMS without any hassle.

3. Endorse your online course(s) together with Learnfly to earn the credibility of the people:

Once you create your online course, the team of Learnfly helps you in promoting and branding it via social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, which will help you in gaining the popularity and trust of your target audience who may refer your online courses to their friends or colleagues who may also show some interest in your course or even convert into new leads that may actually convert.

4. Demonstrate personalized touch in your online courses

In the videos of your online courses, you should resolve the queries of your students at a personal level that facilitates the students to understand your methods more clearly. As a result, they will follow your entire course at the online platform and recommend your course to other interested students as well. Hereafter, it reduces the bounce rate of target traffic to your channel which results in improving the rank of your course on search engines that will make your course well-known among its target audience who will readily choose your online course without any second thought.

5. Tell your students why get enrolled in your course:

While recording the videos of your online course, it is important for you to tell the students about the benefits of your course. Let them know why they should opt for your online course, what they will get from it and how it can help them in boosting their career. This will inspire the students to follow your full-fledged online course. It will help you in increasing your income without investing much time

6. Don’t be afraid of failures:

It is a dream of every online instructor to earn a lucrative sum of money online through their courses, but it is also not necessary that they will enjoy instant success from the beginning. Sooner or later, you will have to confront several upheavals in your paths. If you want to earn more profit, then you should be focused and should not be afraid to fall because failures mean that you are trying something until you achieve your goals. Don’t ever let your guts down, as in the end, it is your hard work and determination that will certainly pay off.

If you think that you have the expertise to change the world through education and knowledge, then sign up as an instructor at



Robin Becker is senior content editor at Learnfly. She frequently writes aritcles and blogs on latest technology topics and Information technology topics at Learnfly.

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